In addition to truly valuing our patients' experiences at Kromrey Chiropractic, we have also found testimonials to be a great way of educating the community about the wonderful benefits of chiropractic, as well as putting new practice members at ease before their first visit to our office.  Reading about positive experiences from others can create a sense of ease, relief and hope.

We would like to invite our practice members to help us help others in this way.  If you are currently a chiropractic patient in our office, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

Download & Print Questionnaire

Would you be willing to contribute a positive online review of our office to one of the main online review platforms?  Your review can be short and sweet and the process should only take a few minutes.  We utilize three main online review platforms: Yelp, Google Places, and Yahoo Local.  The icons below will take you directly to our pages.

Hello, My Name is... Donna

Neck and back pain first brought me to chiropractic, and my body tells me when I need to see Dr. Shawn. If at some time I do not see the doctor for several weeks, my body gets out of alignment, and because I have arthritis in my neck and spine I have severe pain. I need to be adjusted on a regular basis.

Kromrey Chiropractic is honest and Dr. Shawn will let you know if he will be able to help you or not. He doesn't just string you along. I have been seeing Dr. Shawn for over 23 years. He keeps my body in motion, and without him, I am sure I wouldn't have the mobility that I have. Thanks Doc!

Hello, my name is... Delton

Check out the smile on this little guy! He sure looks happy but that wasn't always the case.  Delton had a traumatic birth. It was a suction assisted delivery and after he was born he had a lot of trouble with constipation.

His parents have been long-time patients and knew to get Delton to our office to be adjusted. They report that he no longer has any trouble with constipation. Now he's learning to walk, run and explore and that means tumbles and falls. That's why Delton's parents keep him on a schedule of regular adjustments.

It's quite uncommon to meet an infant who hasn't suffered with an ear infection or two, but not Delton.  Like many of the other children who receive regular adjustments in our office, he's yet to have one.  And when he does come down with a cold, his parents report he is able to fight it off the infection and quickly get back to his normal, happy and healthy self.

His beautiful mamma has this to say: "Besides coming to flirt with all the girls and get his adjustment, Delton loves Kromrey Chiropractic. Dr. Shawn and the rest of the staff are always happy to see him."  If Delton could speak for himself his parents are pretty sure he would say that his chiropractic adjustments keep his immune system functioning at its highest level and take away all his aches and pains so that he can keep his mommy on her toes!

Hello... My name is Timothy

Uncontrollable tics in his face and shoulders were what first Timothy to our office. Timothy is happy to report that since beginning chiropractic care in our office, his tics have stopped (which means the other kids no longer stare) AND he finds he has better concentrate in school now, too. "Kromrey Chiropractic has always taken the extra step in making our family comfortable and making us pain-free," says Timothy. Timothy and Dr. Shawn... what a great team!

Hello... My name is Tracy

Tracy was referred to our office by her mother. She was pregnant for the first time and was experience intense morning sickness; her headaches made it much worse. Being pregnant her treatment options were slim. so she thought she would try chiropractic care.

"I visit once a week to keep the headaches at bay and I've found I turn to medicine less," she says. "It helps people manage many different problems. My experience has been with chronic pain and headaches. Chiropractic care has helped keep me from having to go to the doctor for medical treatment. Instead I've found a more natural way to manage my pain and headaches." Right on Tracy!

Hello... My name is Ken

As Ken tells it, he first visited our office because he was sore and achy a lot of the time and a friend suggested he might benefit from Chiropractic.

Well, that was some of the best advice Ken ever received (I guess that friend’s a keeper!). Now Ken’s aches and pains are gone AND he’s feeling more ambitious (it’s hard to get motivated when you hurt all the time). Ken wants to “pay it forward” and pass along this great piece of advice: “If you want to feel better and don’t want to take pill to do it, I would recommend chiropractic. I'm a believer; it sure has helped me!”

Hello, we're the... Semanko Family

What first brought us to chiropractic was that I couldn’t turn my head because of neck problems. I started bringing my son at only 2 years of age due to ear infections. I also started bringing my daughter in for maintenance care when she was little.

Since that time I’ve changed the way I view chiropractic care. Chiropractors get to the source of the pain so you don’t have to rely on taking medication.  It’s great relief for pain and sickness, such as colds and ear infections.

What I want to be sure that others understand about Kromrey Chiropractic is that Dr. Kromrey treats you like a person and listens to what you have to say.  He doesn’t rush you out the door.  And, he always has a good joke to tell!

Hello, my name is... Lois

My chiropractic story is a two-part one.  In the early 80's I went to a chiropractor for my back.  After 3 weeks I wasn't getting any relief and it was getting worse.  I ended up at the hospital with an MRI where they discovered I had a herniated disc with particles lodged under the nerves in my lower back. 

Surgery was performed and they removed 3/4 of the disc and also the particles from under the nerves.  Recovery was good but I always had to watch my activity levels.

In 2004 I was golfing and accidently tripped getting out of the golf cart.  I was in severe pain and knew I didn't want to go through surgery again.  People were telling me of the good luck they were having with Dr. Shawn.  I decided to try his treatment and after a while I started getting relief. 

He has helped me tremendously and I still go once a week to keep me healthy.  Dr. Shawn is a dedicated and caring person.  Give him a try.  It's not always and overnight fix, but think of all the years your body has been abused.

Hello, we're the... Moucha Family

As so often is the case, Mom first sought out chiropractic care for her own back pain.  Once she learned the benefits of chiropractic in strengthening the immune system, she started her kids on care for their recurring ear infections.

Since starting their chiropractic care they've had no more MD visits (Yay!). The Moucha family had this to say about our office, "Good service, we feel better, we are healthier... Life is better with Kromrey Chiropractic!"

Hello, my name is... Larry

Chiropractic has helped me in several ways over the years. Dr. Kromrey diagnosed me with advanced arthritis at a young age. He has kept me moving without pain for the most part. I have managed to not have lower back surgery even though my L4 & L5 discs have deteriorated. I have seen relief from rotator problems. He helped with a knee & hip for several years before they were replaced. I once had a foot problem that the medical doctors wanted to fuse. In two adjustments Dr. Kromrey took the pain away.

Since starting my chiropractic care plan my life has been impacted in the following ways... The thing I tell people about Dr. Kromrey is that he can help with so many things, but the most important thing is that if he cannot help you, he will tell you. He truly knows his limitations. He has great rapport with medical professionals and is willing to refer you.

Here's what I think others should know about Kromrey Chiropractic and chiropractic in general... I took my wife to Dr. Kromrey after a moped accident. He took one look at her and said he would not touch her. He got us into an orthopedic doctor that afternoon. I have always wondered if a medical doctor would have done that?

Hello, my name is... Linnea

Sports injuries are what first brought me to chiropractic.  Thanks to my chiropractic care plan I was able to continue sports through high school and college. Now I am able to enjoy any activity I choose.

It's a quick and easy way to stay healthy. At Kromrey Chiropractic they make you feel comfortable and always welcome.

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