One of the things that sets our weight loss protocol apart from other programs is the amazing support each dieter receives. As a program participant you'll receive one-on-one attention and regular consults with our weight loss coach.


Sara Shadis

Sara's no stranger to the benefits of our weight loss program. After attending and completing training in Chicago, Sara began the program herself. Of course she wanted to experience the protocol first-hand so she could properly understand and coach our dieters; but there was another reason.

Sara had long had issues with high cholesterol, a condition which runs in her family. She knew if she didn't get control of the situation, medications would be in her future. She didn't want that for herself, especially at her young age. The result: Not only did Sara's cholesterol drop, she found she had more energy and losing weight was so much easier than any other diet she had ever tried! Even though weight loss wasn't her ultimate goal, Sara lost 12 pounds while on the program and felt her body reshaping without any exercise.  She's maintained her weight loss, healthy eating habits, and lowered cholesterol levels to this day.

Sara has seen these same results in other dieters she's coached through the program. Of course losing the weight is number-one, but dieters also report high energy levels, improved cholesterol numbers, and even improvements in their blood-sugar and diabetes! Needless to say, based on her personal experience and the results she's seen others achieve, she's an enthusiastic advocate of the program.

And, while our dieters praise Sara on her ability to answer their questions, offer support and keep them motivated, she benefits from their work together as well. "They inspire me," says Sara. "Seeing people so dedicated is inspirational. It's exciting to see people overcoming their challenges, achieving their goals and taking charge of their lives!"

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